Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Lamppost Cafe- A cafe for dogs (and their owners)

Marnie and I had the pleasure of visiting Hebden Bridges charming dog cafe and store back in March. Although Hebden Bridge is full of vegetarian and veggie friendly establishments such as Watergate tea rooms and the Organic House Cafe, apart from the friendly pub; Stubbings Wharf I have not experienced any dog friendly food places in central Hebden Bridge. Thats where the Lamppost is different- it does not just tolerate dogs it is entirely themed to welcome dogs!. The ground floor features a shop selling liberty print collars and nina ottoson puzzles and a counter filled with baked goods for dogs and humans, upstairs there is lots of cosy seating, beds for the dogs and unlimited doggy bowls full of water. There were also lead hooks around. The owners have a friendly springer spaniel who roams the cafe- those visiting without their own pooch can still get a cuddle!

I ordered veggie salad of giant cous cous, pistachios and roasted veg.

Mum ordered the same thing. 

I ordered some deliciously rich and authentic spanish hot chocolate afterwards.

Marnies big moment soon came!

I chose her some dog banana bread with peanut butter frosting.

I think it won her seal of approval....

Also on the human menu were options of soup, or sweet or white baked potatoes with a topping - these also change daily, a selection of cakes and danish pastries and lots of different coffees and teas. Also on the dog menu were 2 flavours of pupcake along with the banana loaves, dog beer (we have had this from Betty and Butch in the past and she loved it) and dog ice cream. The food and the atmosphere get a 9/10 from me.

The amount of dogs visiting told me this place must be popular and I can see why! With more dog welcoming establishments like this around we could be one step closer to a dog friendly britain.  


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Marnie fact file


My dogs name- Marnie Drew Taylor
Nicknames- Marnie ,Mars, Terror, Princess

Breed- Show type Cocker Spaniel x Jack Russell Terrier
Age- 13mo
DOB- 1st March 2013

Favourite colour- Pink
Favourite foods- anchovies in garlic oil, cheese, carrot
Favourite dog chews- Paddywack, deer antler, anco roots
Favourite dog treat- Misfits, Lillys kitchen Bedtime biscuits
Favourite toy- Rope Frisbee, Her 'raggy' baby, Kong
Favourite activity- find a teabag, fetch, walkies and sock stealing

Owner- India Charlotte Taylor
other pets in the home- Bagpuss Taylor (cat)