Friday, 13 March 2015

Crufts! 2015

Many people have been criticizing this dog show of late. I actually think it promotes Responsible dog ownership and People going to reputable breeders or rescues rather than back yard breeders and pet stores fuelling puppy farms. I also think the Kennel Club Charitable trust do amazing work, they invest grants in there own schemes such as Bark and Read and give money to charities and organisations such as Manchester and Cheshire dogs home, Canine Partners and Animal Genetic Research UK. I saw lots of amazing charities at Crufts, including Battersea, Woodgreen, The blind dog trust and The Cinnamon trust all getting lots of coverage on the work they do and raising lots of funds. Also at Crufts; trainers such as Victoria Stilwell the British born dog trainer who now lives in the USA promoting positive dog training led talks and gave tips, at Crufts there was no place for nasty Pack Leader inspired methods like those given by a certain male dog trainer. 

Crufts Was AMAZING way better than I would have even expected. On Saturday we went to see the Heelwork to Music internationals, Flyball Semis, Agility International large finals, Flyball final and presentations, also looked at shops, the junior handling and met Victoria Stilwell and Claire Balding  The Agility was the best to watch but all was amazing. 

I met the amazing Victoria Stilwell, her books are incredible! give them a read!

This clever Great Dane did some fabulous training demonstrations! He used paw pads and balance boards to demonstrate his obedience.
On Sunday we saw lots of demonstrations - Goldie display team, West Midlands Police dogs, Gundog Display team, RAF and Canine partners. The RAF display was my favourite, they did a demo with a scramble wall which was super. The Cocker Spaniels in the Gundog group were adorable though and so talented! 
If you watched Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway you would have seen them hjacking the goldie display team!
I have now got Claire Baldings novels, this friendly lady was lovely, now to read my new books!
An amazing bond- The RAF teams presented the talents of the canine members

recognize these superstars from their tv-ads?
I met my favorite breed the Shetland Sheepdog at Discover dogs
I wanted to steal this one! She starred in an agility demo in the Activity ring
My personal preference in the Heelwork Internationals was for this Shirley Bassey piece

I would recommend a day trip to Crufts to any dog lover. Its not all grooming and prancing although the majority those dogs do live enriched lives out of the show ring too! If watching BOB is not your cup of tea their is still plenty to get up to at Crufts- Scruffts, Friends for Life, Flyball and The tunnel of temptation for example. Crufts offers a place to get advice for sports training, grooming or showing, or simply a chance to watch dog and owner bonds and fast paced fun! I do realise not everyone shares these views and I do respect everyone's opinions. However mine is that Crufts is an excellent celebration of all things dog! 

One final thing to consider when planning a visit in 2016... Shopping, its a few days since I got back and Marnie is feeling well and truly SPOILT!

My haul including Victoria Stilwell and Canine partners t-shirts, a Becorope and Anco root chew for Marnie and lots of free samples and goody bags

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